Additional Awareness/Education Resources

You can help make a difference by informing yourself and others about the importance of trees/timber to society and the URGENT need to ensure the world’s (including ireland’s) forests are managed to the highest possible standards.


The following websites will raise your awareness of Ireland’s reliance on imported timber which is often linked to tropical deforestation, illegal logging and human rights abuses. 

Just Forests-development education (DE)

Putting PEOPLE at the heart of CONSERVATION through basis woodwork training & Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) using societies dependance on WOOD as the “hook” of engagement. A programme of activities where HEAD +HEART + HANDS connects to family, community, craftsmanship, stewardship and global citizenship.

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Killarney Celebration of Trees

A week of talks, exhibitions, tree-hugs and the Sound of Wood Concert. All linking our awareness to the important role trees and wood plays in our lives.

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Save Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is on the brink of ecocide. An ecological disaster is taking place in the first national park to be established in the State. One of the world’s oldest oak forests is slowly dying. The rhododendron infestation and increased deer population across the region has not been adequately tackled….

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