COVID- 19: A Wake Up Call For A New Economic Order – Our Spring of Hope or winter of despair

After COVID-19: Business-as-usual and “normal” life is not an option.

By Tom Roche

7 April 2020


Despite the life-changing coronavirus pandemic that has gripped Ireland, and the economic and social challenges we face in order to contain and minimise its deadly impact, there is already much talk about economic recovery. This pandemic is touching every aspect of our daily lives – way beyond that of war – the heartbreak of losing loved ones and not being able to attend their interment, cocooning, isolation, social distancing, business closures, financial loss, physical and mental wellbeing, sporting, cultural, shopping and travel restrictions and much, more. Let’s bear in mind that what we had become accustomed to pre-COVID-19 as “normal life” has brought us to this point in our lives. Any post-COVID-19 activities, must respond to its challenges by ensuring we do not return to what we have known as “normal” life.

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